Das umfangreichste ModPaket für WoT von Aslain. Mit Installer, Vorschaufunktion und Beschreibung der einzelnen Mods.


Aslain’s ModPack contains only mods approved by the developers of Wargaming.



- biggest amount of mods (over 700)

- preview of selected mods

- WG Fair Play Friendly

- frequent updates

- blazing fast support provided at own forums on ASLAIN.COM

Installation Guide


- Select the folder where your WoT is installed.

- select your mods and options

- when you want to select different modes, run the installer again and make changes (the installer will remember the previously selected modes)


- download new installer and select your options, don’t uninstall the modpack


- Use the Windows function to remove programs (on the control panel)

  • Version #05

    v1.4.0.2 #05 (14-03-2019):

    - updated damage panels: Zayaz, with angles, Rabbit, Octagon mini, Console

    - updated contour icons: PogS

    - updated Shell speed by RaJCeL (frontline fix)

  • Version #04

    v1.4.0.2 #04 (14-03-2019):

    - updated Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker (frontline support)

    - added Shell speed by RaJCeL

    - added crosshair: Strv (color customization via in-game menu)

    - added sound to Hitmarker mod (may not be compatible with some other sound mods)

  • Version #03

    v1.4.0.2 #03 (12-03-2019):

    - updated session stats TimeSpent config (to minimalistic which supports more languages)

    - updated Awfultanker Session Stats

    - added Skins on destroyed vehicles: grey, aqua, beige

    - reworked Skins on destroyed vehicles (select your options again)

  • Version #02

    v1.4.0.2 #02 (11-03-2019):

    - updated the anti-mirror files

    - updated crosshair: Predator

    - updated Friends Notifier

    - updated In battle statistics by RaJCeL

    - fixed installation of minimap by ShuraBB

  • Version #01

    v1.4.0.2 #01 (11-03-2019):

    - updated Modpack button

    - updated White Dead Skins

    - updated Hangar: Minimalistic

    - updated Auxilium

    - updated session stats: TimeSpent

    - updated minimap by ShuraBB

    - updated dependecy mod poliroid.modslistapi v1.1.7

  • Version #00

    v1.4.0.2 #00 (11-03-2019):

    - initial compatibility for WoT (beta)

    - updated to XVM 7.8.4

    - info: not all mods will work properly in the Frontline